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MULTIPOL 8 and 10 from ULTRA TEC are versatile lapping and polishing systems capable of preparing the most demanding specimens required by Research and Industry. Primarily designed for failure analysis, research and pilot-scale production applications, they allow for many methods of sample holding-producing a high versatility which is further extended by the availability of a wide range of accessories and polishing plates. Optical Standards of finish may be achieved with the use of a reciprocating sweep mechanism. This control allows maintenance of surface parallelism and flatness. Sample loading is fully variable, as are the sweep and rotation speeds. All parts which come into contact with polishing media are produced from either stainless steel or heavy duty plastic and are quickly detachable for ease of cleaning and avoiding cross contamination. A spindle lock allows plates to be changed conveniently.

Product Highlights

  • VERSATILITY - MULTIPOL can use all polishing techniques including abrasive, diamond, slurry, CMP and etch polishing
  • OPTICAL STANDARDS - The fully-controllable reciprocating arm mechanism allows maintenance of plate flatness. This This means that samples of the highest optical standards of flatness and parallelism may be prepared
  • EASE OF CLEANING - Made possible by simple detachment of all parts which may cause contamination. This means downtime is minimized and additional preparation systems may not be required
  • SAMPLE HOLDING - The system can use pushrod, bias, conditioning ring and precision jig techniques. The latter method provides the means for the very highest accuracies to be attained
  • PREPARING THE WIDEST RANGE OF MATERIALS - The exceptional degree of control which is available for all preparation parameters means that MULTIPOL's may be configured for hard, soft, and friable materials, and suits preparations of expensive and unique research materials

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