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Extending the scope of 3D Measurement Technology

More than ever, microelectronics, life science and bi­onics occupy a decisive position in research, develop­ment and industry and, with their progressive develop­ment, are constantly redefining the requirements for industrial metrology systems, while the limits of what is feasible are constantly shifting.

Research and development, with a high frequency require fundamentally new techniques and processes, their industrial application a high degree of reliability and standardization. As an innovating technical service provider, Solarius strives to always guarantee the provision of quality monitoring at the highest technological level. Solarius relies on in-depth knowledge and long term experience in industrial automation as well as profound physical-technical know-how. In combination with the Solarius SolarCore software appliance, Solarius provides a powerful platform for the fast and effective provision of auto­mated measuring machines and the real time processing of largest amounts of data. Solarius drives technical improvement and the development of innovative sys­tems and intelligent algorithms for monitoring and controlling manufacturing processes. Solarius ba­ses its success on trusting cooperation with customers and suppliers as well as the uncompromising use of adequate, cost-efficient and realiable high-end technology.

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