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MountPlate Model 5800

Heated sample mounting system

The RKD Engineering Model 5800 MountPlate is a specially designed hot plate used for wax mounting of integrated circuit packages in preparation for back side thinning and polishing. The unit heats the sample holding fixture at a controlled rate thereby preventing thermal damage to the sample during mounted. When the programmed temperature is reached, the operator is prompted to mount and align the sample. After alignment and mounting the unit cools the sample and holding fixture at a controlled rate to harden the mounting wax. When the sample is cooled to room temperature to rest temperature, the operator is prompted to remove the mounted device and holder

The Model 5800 MountPlate allows for fast and accurate sample mounting.

  • Accurately controlled sample temperature
  • Controlled heating rate to minimize thermal stresses
  • Controlled cooling rate
  • Fast cycling
  • Easy to use operator interface
  • Special cycle for manual acid decapsulation
  • Low profile - can be placed under a microscope

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