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Insidix is a Grenoble based company created in 1996 by Jean-Claude Lecomte, an experienced engineer and innovator, highly regarded as a pioneering expert in high definition non-destructive control systems for the microelectronics industry.

The company’s earliest activity was in the provision of non-destructive testing services to the French market. Utilizing the most advanced technologies available, and combining multiple approaches to provide the most beneficial analyses to its customers, Insidix quickly became a prominent service provider to the microelectronics industry. The company’s laboratory testing services were subsequently expanded to encompass other industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense and medical.

In 2002, Insidix decided to expand its activities to become a distributor for the various types of equipment on which it had gained extensive experience through its testing laboratory. A distribution division was created to sell, install, and maintain 2D and 3D X-Ray equipment, scanning acoustic microscopy, micro fluorescence and related technologies in France and surrounding countries. Insidix’ intimate knowledge of these machines afforded by many years of use in its services laboratory allows its customers a more informed evaluation prior to purchase.

Also in 2002, Insidix decided to contribute to the development of NDT control systems by investing heavily in R & D, with the goal of developing a new solution that would help analyze and explain the behaviour of components under thermo-mechanical stress. In particular, Insidix was determined to provide an instrument capable of measuring thermo-mechanical stress induced warpage under realistic reflow conditions. For Insidix customers, this R & D investment was aimed at reducing costly design and production failures due to component warpage under temperature variations during production or in use. This effort was supported by research grants from the French Government and the European Community. The successful result of this investment was the development of TDM, Insidix’s proprietary topography and deformation measurement machine, which was introduced to the European market in 2006, and has subsequently been made available to the U.S. and Asian markets through local representatives. The TDM equipment uses Projection Moiré which is acknowledged as a superior technique for temperature-dependent warpage measurement, and this makes it a very unique solution on the market today.

Since its introduction, Insidix has continued to invest in R&D associated with TDM to expand the capabilities of the machine and its potential applications, and to investigate the possibility of incorporating customer requested enhancements that would address specific customer needs.  Insidix is committed to ongoing investment in TDM as well as to investigation of other technological advancements in non-destructive control. The company is equally committed to maintaining technical excellence and superior service in the delivery of its laboratory testing and distribution services, and will seek to further expand and enhance these activities in the future.

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